ESA – Advanced CubeSat Constellation for Global near real-time Weather Forecasting

Weather Forecasting

ESA Business Incubation Centre Bavaria start-up company Orbital Oracle Technologies ( will launch 100 CubeSats to provide real-time weather conditions and better forecasting services. Meet Orbital Oracle Technologies at ESA’s Start-ups Zone powered by ESA space solutions at IAC 2018

Precise weather forecasts are an essential information for companies and society today.

Driven by strong demand, the services of the national weather bureaus are increasingly supplemented by private companies.

Although mathematical models are improving, their accuracy is bound by the quality and quantity of data input.

however, satellite images used today for global weather forecasting are either limited to certain and relatively low resolution (geostationary satellites) or provide high-resolution data for the same area with a long delay (satellites in lower orbits) which constrains the reliability of forecasts. 

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