OroraTech visits the Bavarian State Ministry

On Monday, September 7th,  OroraTech’s CEO Thomas Grübler had the honor to be invited with a group of selected startups to the Bavarian State Office to participate in a discussion with Bavarian premier Dr. Markus Söder about the region’s startup scene.

The meeting was organized by the Bavarian State Chancellery for an open debate between the state and founders of german startups. The topic of the discussion was about the support and infrastructure present in the Bavarian start-up scene, and how both parties can further develop ideas to make Bavaria the number one region for startups in Europe. 

Thomas had the opportunity to present some ideas to the ministry. Based on OroraTech’s global startup industry experience, one of his suggestions included setting up a Bavaria Innovation Fund that would enable early projects between startups and public entities. The fund would serve as an initial point for early financing projects to ignite innovation in the public sector, while serving startups field experience and early revenues. It could also incentivize the public entities to engage in such projects. The fund would avoid the normal bureaucracy and shorten traditionally slow innovation cycles.


Dr. Söder concluded the session by thanking the participants for their input and proposals, highlighting that the Bavarian state will evaluate the ideas presented.

We at OroraTech are looking forward to continuing working closely with the Bavarian state in the future and are excited to see what the changes will bring to Bavaria!

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Arla O'Neal

Arla O'Neal

Marketing Manager

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