Our Applications

Owing to our unprecedented refresh rate and high resolution, the data generated by the OroraTech Constellation can be used for a wide range of applications.

Impact of Wildfires

Damages (monetary, human, housing, CO2)

Every year, wildfires burn down an area 20 times the size of Great Britain. Apart from causing a tremendous loss to wildlife, forest ecosystems, and property, wildfires have led to 5-10% of the worldwide CO2 emissions.

Having gravely affected over 15 million human lives in the past decade, insured damages from wildfires have been added up to over €22 billion in 2018.

With the OroraTech Constellation, we intend to capture thermal images and perform on-orbit processing to directly alert first responders in the event of wildfire within their region of interest.


The past decade has witnessed catastrophic weather phenomena around the globe. Despite having well-established weather forecasting models, there have been significant deviations leading to dire consequences.

The data provided by the OroraTech Constellation may also be incorporated into current weather forecasting models in order to increase their accuracy, especially for hyperlocal weather forecasting purposes.


With the OroraTech Constellation, we will be able to provide research institutions with a more accurate model of Earth’s land and sea surface temperature than ever before.