A new era of space based fire detection

Stay in control with FOREST-2

Real-time alerts

Receive alerts within 3 minutes of fire detection directly on your mobile or desktop with accurate location and fire intensity.

Spot fires while they are small

We find thermal anomalies to the size of a single tree: 4×4 meters.

On-Demand tailored insights

Order our sensor to focus on your specific areas of interest with the “Tasking” functionality.

See where the others cannot

See fires day & night, through smoke, even in remote areas.

Sign up for the Wildfire Solution Pro Pilot Program to receive data from FOREST-2

Data available starting from January 2024 via the Wildfire Solutions profile or API.


Towards scanning the Earth every 30 minutes 

  • FOREST-2 is the first commercial sensor of OroraTech’s unique space-based thermal sensor network that was launched on June 12, 2023.
  • This advanced network is designed to continuously monitor Earth’s temperature in real-time, providing low-latency global data to billions of people worldwide.
  • The forthcoming satellite system will combine data from OroraTech’s proprietary thermal sensor network with data from institutional satellites operated by renowned agencies. This results in a powerful and efficient monitoring and detection solution that maximizes the strengths of both satellite types while mitigating their individual limitations.