Core technology - the size of a shoebox

Our satellites change the game

For wildfire detection, every minute counts. We developed the technology to deliver information from space in real-time, so you can take action. Our constellation will be monitoring every spot on the planet 24/7 – during the day, during the night, fully automated and highly cost-efficient.
Even when you sleep, our satellites are fully awake.

Missions to come

In an orbit close-by

Teamwork in orbit – To get the full scan of our planet, we will fly groups of 8 satellites distributed within each orbit. Instead of using one big satellite, a large number of small CubeSats can take photos at different times from perfect spot, making the work so much more efficient.



Coffee Station
Our R&D team combines experience from launching 10 satellites by 2022.
German space valley
Engineering made in the German „Space valley“
In our 1200 m² office we have labs and workshops for everything we need - even a clean room!
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Time flies by


OroraTech founded

Sitting together in a small student-shared flat discussing how to make Earth a better place, Thomas, Björn, Florian, and Rupert started OroraTech as a spinoff from the Technical University of Munich.



Camera test on drone & Balloon

After about one year of development, the first camera prototype was successfully used to detect fires from above, providing realistic data for developing our image processing algorithms.


First camera launched to space

With the mission FOREST-I we officially became one of the selected few companies with active assets in space. It not only proved that we can deliver space-grade technology at light speed but also provided us with a huge amount of unique and valuable TIR (thermal infrared) images, on-orbit processing capabilities and breathtaking visual images from space.


Second satellite launch

FOREST-II is going to be our first commercial satellite. With an improved and revamped camera, it will be able to deliver high-quality TIR (thermal infrared) images covering the whole globe. It will already enable us to enhance our wildfire detection performance and also help to solve problems like urban heat islands, help with irrigation management in agriculture or track carbon footprints.



Constellation in space
(8 satellites)

Our constellation with a global 12h revisit rate will help us scale not only to significantly improve performance for our wildfire-related products but also all other use cases. Due to daily overpasses, our insights for governments, cities, insurance, or other enterprises will be much more meaningful and less dependent on cloud coverage.



Scaled-up constellation with
30 min revisit rate

Our constellation will rapidly be extended to over 100 satellites - providing high quality TIR (termal infrared) images of every place on earth twice per hour. This will give us the capability to detect new fires almost instantly and provide our customers with highly accurate and current insights.

Key partners

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