Encompassing the expertise of the OldSpace and embracing the progressiveness of the NewSpace, we strive to push the frontiers of the industry. With an inclusive culture and open communication within teams, OroraTech, fosters a dynamic and creative work environment for all space enthusiasts regardless of their heritage, gender, or sexual orientation.

Our Story

After 18 months of preparation, OroraTech was founded in 2018 by the four space enthusiasts Thomas Grübler, Björn Stoffers, Florian Mauracher, and Rupert Amann. As a spin-off from the MOVE-II CubeSat project at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), our satellite technology is based on years of academic research. While the university satellite was launched by SpaceX in December 2018, our journey is only beginning. Headquartered in the heart of Munich, we have grown to a team of 25 highly-motivated individuals from all over the world.


Thomas Grübler

Co-founder & Managing Director

Björn Stoffers

Co-founder & Managing Director

Florian Mauracher

Co-founder & Lead Software Engineer

Rupert Amann

Co-founder & Lead Electronics Engineer

Dr.-Ing. Martin Langer

Head of Satellite Technology

Sonja Mayer

Head of Business Development

Sanket Shah

Lead Optics Engineer

Lucas Krempel

Scientific Lead

Camilo Pabon

Global Sales Representative

Shiv Contractor

Satellite Systems Engineer

Fabian Schöttl

Software Engineer

Sven Ernst

Optics Developer

Valentin Dornauer

Software Engineer

Catriona Bruce

Data Scientist

Till Niklas Assmann

Satellite Constellation Designer

Johannes Krempel

The Accountant

Emili Ortman

Business Developer

Thomas Oberrauch

Inter-Sat. Com. Developer

Laurence Donkers

Sensor Interface Engineer

Christian Pfeiffer

Electronics Developer

Simon Bohnen

Software Developer

Arla O'Neal


Konstantin Pieper

Business Operations

Tejas Kale

Software Developer


Dr.-Ing. Clemens Kaiser

Former Program Director EUMETSAT

Martin Weiss

Founder of Haus der Mentoren, former Director Deutsche Bank

Prof. Dr. Johann Georg Goldammer

Director, Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC)

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter

Chair of Astronautics (TUM), former Astronaut

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander W. Koch

Chair of Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology (TUM)

Rainer Horn

Managing Partner at SpaceTec Partners & SpaceTec Capital