OroraTech Wins Contract to Improve Early Fire Detection in Australia

Munich, Germany – September 7, 2023 – OroraTech, the global leader in space-based thermal intelligence, and the Forestry Corporation of New South Wales (FCNSW), are announcing the extension of the partnership to improve wildfire management in Australia.

Mike Sutton, Innovation & Research Manager at FCNSW

Mike Sutton, Innovation & Research Manager at FCNSW: "Through our collaboration with OroraTech, we have seen the continual improvement of the OroraTech platform and adaptation of the service to meet Forestry Corporation’s monitoring and reporting requirements. Noting the current gaps in detection caused by the timing of satellite passes, FCNSW is interested to see how early detection can be further improved through the addition of OroraTech’s thermal sensors."

With a focus on early fire detection, OroraTech will provide FCNSW with cost-effective detection and notification of bushfires, as well as precise fire perimeter locations across its estate. This critical information will be accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, OroraTech will deliver on-demand tasking services during crucial afternoon periods, allowing FCNSW to monitor priority areas as needed.

In addition to managing more than 2 million hectares of native forest, the Forestry Corporation is also the largest radiata pine plantation grower in Australia. FCNSW is responsible for sustainable timber production, multiple uses, and fire management across its estate. “Space-based data is a valuable addition to our early fire detection capability, especially across the extensive native forest resource,” concludes Mike Sutton.

Axel Roenneke, Chief Commercial Officer of OroraTech

"I want to thank the Forestry Corporation of New South Wales, our first customer, for their ongoing commitment. Their trust in our capability demonstrates that we are providing the right solution for effective fire management," says Axel Roenneke, Chief Commercial Officer of OroraTech. "After working closely for three years, their decision to upgrade to our thermal sensor network underscores the value of our data, which we will provide even faster and with higher accuracy as early as 2024."

Bushfires have far-reaching impacts, including the potential for loss of life, property, and infrastructure. Following three consecutive La Niña years with above-average rainfall, the 2023 fire season in NSW is anticipated to present significant challenges due to increased fuel loads resulting from elevated levels of regrowth following the 2019-20 fires. 

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