The Bigger Picture: Using Global Wildfire Analytics for Better Fire Analysis


OroraTech expands its satellite-based Wildfire Solution to include advanced analytics based on the extensive data archive. The insights gathered through the wildfire analytics dashboard can be used to identify trends and patterns in wildfire activity over time and improve our understanding of fires and their impacts.

Urban Heat and The City: Not a Love Story


Heat waves disrupt our city lives in different ways. OroraTech offers unique and frequent thermal data that helps cities to become smarter in their urban heat management and improve community quality of life.

The FOREST Series:
Final Integration


Read about the different phases in satellite development OroraTech went through during their four final months of working on the FOREST mission.

The FOREST Series:
How To Build A Satellite


FOREST stands for Forest Observation and Recognition Experimental Smallsat Thermal Detector – say that five times fast! The idea was to build a new generation hyperspectral thermal camera that is attached to a powerful processing unit.