Wildfire Preparedness: UP42 and OroraTech Facilitate Geospatial Data Access with On-Demand Sensor Tasking

Berlin/Munich, November 30, 2023UP42, a geospatial developer platform, and marketplace, and OroraTech, the leader in space-based thermal intelligence, have signed a partnership agreement to grant easy and fast access to global high-resolution thermal-infrared imagery. OroraTech delivers low-latency, global coverage, near-real-time thermal data products.

OroraTech, the first of its kind to join UP42’s growing marketplace of nearly 80 data and processing partners, provides valuable insights to customers during unpredictable events through its newly launched thermal sensor, FOREST-2. Via UP42’s marketplace, the company offers the following data products: 

  • On-demand tasking for near real-time data access from anywhere in the world with 400km coverage and  200m resolution on a daily basis.
  • Access to an ever-growing future archive of thermal imagery for past event analysis. 
OroraTech's image of a fire in Northern Territory, Australia on October 17, 2023 via FOREST-2, Mid-Wave Infrared Band.

UP42 tasking allows for advanced capabilities such as order tracking, automated delivery, and support for complex and multi-geometry AOIs. Furthermore, OroraTech’s tasked data is managed in UP42’s STAC-compatible storage, simplifying the search and management of data for easier processing and integrations.

Sean Wiid, CEO of UP42

"As global temperatures rise, wildfires and heat waves are having an increasing impact on people, the environment, and economies. In 2022 alone, heat waves accounted for 99% of all climate-related deaths in Europe," said Sean Wiid, CEO of UP42, referring to a recent World Meteorological Organization report. "Expanding our offering with OroraTech’s thermal-infrared data will help our customers build early-warning and monitoring systems to help us mitigate the impact of these climate-related emergencies."

OroraTech’s high-resolution thermal data serves customers on six continents, ranging from forestry and utility companies to governmental organizations and geospatial experts. Facilitating rapid disaster response, location accuracy, and predictive analytics, its data helps assess risks, minimize losses, and support 24/7 response measures.

Axel Roenneke, CCO of OroraTech

"With UP42 our customers have easy and quick access to our thermal tasking capability," says Axel Roenneke, CCO at OroraTech. "This partnership accelerates our route to the geospatial market."

To learn more about and order OroraTech’s thermal-infrared products via UP42, please visit UP42’s marketplace for on-demand tasking and the marketplace for the archive of thermal imagery.

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